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Laptop Warriors Media Inc. is the brain child of Nanaimo Based Internet Entrepreneurs, Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt.  #hereisourstory.  Join us to learn how to be a digital nomad and/or a digital marketer.   Are you excited about travelling the world while running a company?  Welcome to being a digital nomad.  We walk the talk, and travel the world sharing with your our adventure along the way.  We have been in the digital marketing industry since 2010 and we learned how to be successful marketers by growing and selling our own business first.  Find a showcase here of everything digital marketing, except for screaming from a rooftop, which I would do if proven it works.
Laptop Warriors is the author of the "How to Fire Your Web Developer" course (coming soon). Sign up below to get a Beta access to our 7 day email course when it's launched before anybody else. Our course cover how to build a bad-ass website, email marketing and automation, SEO, Facebook advertising, Google for your business and more. 
 Our main focus is to show you the best strategies on how to #GSD (GET SHIT DONE), with even faster results, enabling you the freedom to focus on what you enjoy. 

Fraser Paterson & Nadine Shemilt

Digital Nomads, Online Marketers, Yoga Teachers, Veggie Lovers, Travellers. Meet Nadine and Fraser. Only Rule = #GSD

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